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I’m still irked with Milton for phoning it in at our grand finale for the year. Rodney is being Rodney, blending glacial progress with frustration. So, have some more kittens.

21 weeks as of Saturday, October 20, 2018. Photos in chronological order unrelated to text.

The unboxing.

They have reached the age of adventurous but clumsy. Their eyes are bigger than their paws. If they jump into a box, they tip it over. If they jump onto a table, they knock off everything within reach as they land. Multiple this by four.

Office Assistants

Last weekend, two kittens and one of the adult cats dogpiled – catpiled? – on me during a cold snap. I tried for a selfie, but all you can see is fur and random cat parts. It is the first time, to my knowledge, that the kittens have interacted comfortably with one of the big cats. Owners – more convenient than space heaters.

The newest yoga pose – sideways-facing kitten.

Bonus Kittens

Lucy SSF
Ricky SSF

New Stepping Stone Farm barn cats in training. From the same farm as mine, different moms, dads unknown. That farm has become an inadvertent home for wayward lady cats. Owner conscientious about spaying. Cats kept showing up pregnant. I guess the word got out.

Bonus Cat

Nap, Interrupted. Smudge, formally/formerly know as Rhyme.

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