AlphaBooks, F & E are for Farley & Ebony

Graphic Design




The Island Stallion (Flame)
Walter Farley
1948 Random House 2003

The Ebony Horse
Adapted by Anne Terry White
Garrard 1969

Even though “Flame & Ebony” is poetic, I put Farley in the title. Fire and horses are not a good mix. I also toned down the color to basic orange. Dark orange & orange red mixed with the black were too evocative of colors on a fire scene. I’m aiming for happy fun letters, not visceral ones.

Farley bought from Discover Books via; Arabian Nights from Thrift Books via

TBR? Maybe the Arabian Nights. Never got on the Farley train. Suspect it is too late. To tell you the truth, I bought these for the blog. That is not a good precedent. I do not need encouragement to buy books.

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

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