The World’s Most Low-Key Photo Challenge, Inaugural Edition, Hello!



Welcome to the first edition of my Low-Key Photo Challenge.

Theme: Hello!
No prizes. No rules.
Photo: Notice the sibling ear in the bottom of the frame. Two of the new kittens [1,2] in a basket of horse laundry.

1) I will post a photo on a given theme.
2) You comment below with a link to your photo on that theme.
3) We all click over to see what you have.

That’s it.

Links can be from blog, Twitter, Instagram, whatever. My preference would be for links that lead to platforms open to the public, without requiring an account or a log in, i.e. not your personal Facebook page. I have accounts in various stage of inactivity all over the place, but a lot of people don’t. Make it easy for folks to find your work.

Yes, this means more clicking. Instead of collecting photos in one place, as many photo challenges do, the photos will be spread around the Internet. Think of it as a really simple scavenger hunt. This spreads the joy – out there; rather than gathering it in – over here. Also, less work for me. I’m trying to maximize my chances of staying with this.

At least one of you is an excellent photographer who hasn’t posted much lately (gives the stern side-eye). Go. Make photos. Entertain me.

(In the South, one makes a photo rather than takes a photo. A simple word change, but I like that it emphasizes the creative aspect of photography.)

As a suggestion, one link per comment, only because multiple links will upset the comment oversight program & I’ll have to go rescue your comment, if it doesn’t get buried an avalanche of car insurance pseudo-comments. Does anyone know the point of those?

New versus Old
I will post new photos, with my Nikon, on manual. For me, the point of this is giving me a kick in the pants reason to get out and use the big camera. You do you.

Confession, this one is new but taken with my phone. When I pulled my camera out yesterday afternoon, the battery was dead. This phone snap was supposed to be a placeholder, but it handed me a great theme, so what could I do?

30 days. That’s when the comments automatically close on each post. This limits the bots to the current month.

My goal is every week on Friday. Ha! Reality is closer to twice a month. Mission success will be defined as at least once a month for six months.

Okay, one rule. Don’t send photos. None. Really. I will ignore any photos or links that come by email. I will not be hassling with downloading, uploading, permissions, copyright issues, editing, and so on. I do not need this blog eating any more of my life.

If you really, really want to send me a photo AND you are my mother, go ahead. Anyone else, consider opening a Flickr account.

Questions? Comments? Concerns?
Any suggestions? I may modify, expand, reduce, adapt, change, or terminate this challenge at any time if it takes off, tanks, or ceases to amuse me.

Thank you for reading … and photographing,
Katherine Walcott

4 thoughts on “The World’s Most Low-Key Photo Challenge, Inaugural Edition, Hello!

  1. I’ll play! That said, I’m not good at reading the rules. But OMG .. this got me to open my ancient, dusty WP blog and actually post something. Kudos for that! Now let’s see if I can figure out how this works. Bear with me and I might even dust off my REAL camera! Hope this works!

  2. Is there a way I can provide a clickable link in the body of my reply? I thought it was going to be clickable, but it wasn’t. Not trying to make more work for you every Friday! 😉

  3. There is probably an easier way, but this is what I do:

    Open an edit window.
    Make a link as you would for a post.
    Copy the whole mess into the comment.

    I’m tried to put how the link text appears, but it keeps turning it into a link. It starts with <, has href =, then the url in quotes, then the text that you want to appear, then closes with a in brackets. Example here, How To Put Link In Comment Box.

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