Kitten Report, No Toe Games

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Show report coming soon. Meanwhile, a baker’s dozen of kitten pix. Photos in chronological order, not necessarily bearing any relation to the surrounding text.

First Photo

The four kittens continue to be tiny but mighty.

The Ride Home
More Ride Home

They are three times the size they were when they came three weeks ago [Our New Four-In-Hand]. They add the equivalent of an Original Kitten each week, mostly lengthwise. They still have tiny heads & paws.

They were so small to start with, tripling in size is still wee. I can pick them up with one hand, but kitten drips out on either side. I keep thinking how big they have gotten, then I look at our adult cats & realize how much farther the kittens have to go.

In bed, I make a point of keeping my toes absolutely immobile. They pounce, then wander away bored. I would be amused by random attacks on my toes in the middle of the night. Other toe owners, not so much.

Much as I would love them to bond with me, I am deliberately letting them play amongst themselves so that they bond with each other.

No particular allegiances as far as I can tell. Play or nap with whoever is available when they want to play/nap.

They play all the time. Fun to watch but I wonder about their socialization. All they do is attack each other or sleep. They never sit quietly together or grooming each other. (Is this something kittens do?) It makes them hard to snuggle. They play with/attack my fingers.

The tails are weird. The stubbies have squishy flesh surrounding the stumps. As if the skin was available to cover a full-size tail, but the bone never grew.

Two weeks & two days

They are remarkable silent felines. They made no sound on the initial ride home. I’ve had cats who would have screamed for the entire two hours. I hear squeaks on two occasions. One, when they are on the losing end of a wrestling match. It’s less crying Uncle and more, Oh, I’m so gonna get you for this. They will also squeak if one has misplaced the other three. Where did everybody go?

Not the boots!
Postprandial Kitten

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Katherine Walcott

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  1. Awww! Have you ever had siblings? That’s what babies do, eat and play and sleep. Play till you’re tired, sleep till you’re hungry, play in between.. And poop. Are they housebroken? Do they live in the house?

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