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Looking Backward
Back in July, I opened a new Instagram account to match the new name of the blog [New Title, New Instagram … or Not]. For reasons known only to them, Instagram canceled that account the day I posted about it. I elected not to jump through their hoops to restart that account. I took a break.

I lasted a little over a month.

So why did I return? I missed the pretty pictures and the updates on peoples’ lives. I find Instagram a much more congenial place than Twitter. Five minutes of reading tweets and I want to hide under the couch. Doesn’t matter what account. Twitter’s default state seems to be outrage. YMMV

Also, I have an immediate family member on Instagram (Waves Hi!). My family has a low social media presence. I have to go where they are.

Looking Forward
The old VBB account was hot off the press when I posted about it. I wonder if the newness combined with one or two people following at the same time convinced Instagram that it was a bot. The world may never know. This time, the account – @myvirtualbrushbox – has been in place for several weeks. It has a few followers. We shall see what happens today.

Looking Around
According to my self-imposed rules, Instagram doesn’t “count” for photography on Friday. The way I use Instagram is all about content, i.e. catching the cute photo op. Friday posts around here are supposed to keep me accountable for technical improvement.

What to do. Get over the idea of archiving my Instagram feed? Not likely. Archive it on another day? Storage Saturday has a good ring. Work on incorporating more “art” into my Instagram photography? A worthy goal, but not one that helps me with f-stop and aperture. Realize I have fallen down the blogging rabbit hole & move on? I shall ponder.
Instagram posts for August & September 2018, @myvirtualbrushbox. Previous recap [July 2018]

Horses – 4/9, or 5/9 if Spotted counts as Horse rather than Other
Cats – 2/9
Other – 3/9, or 2/9

Home 5/9
Elsewhere 4/9 – two shows, one lesson, one other

Serious Version

Taken at the Georgia International Horse Park [Show Reports First Dance, Whisked About].

Taken at Stepping Stone Farm on cross-country day [WEG XC]. Written about later [Milton Canters].

Taken at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens during a photo shoot [If The Pin Fits].

We have reinstituted naptime so that Rodney can eat his hay in peace.

Taken at Full Circle Horse Park during our first dressage show [Show Report So It Begins].

Companion to the final @rodneysaga post [New Title, New Instagram … or Not].

I crack myself up.

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

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