State Of The Blog, Introduction


An administrative post. A new (as of yesterday, 9/28/18) abbreviated About page points here [About]. This page contains previous & expanded introductory information.

People & Horses

The Writer
Hello. My Name Is

WEG 98 badge

I was a freelance writer who wrote, photographed, or edited for anyone I could talk into paying me. While my mainstay for 20+ years was equestrian journalism, I covered everything from Atrial Fibrillation to Zoos. I still do a bit of work, but my professional life quieted downed in 2008.

Because it is easy to overlook mentioning the obvious, I am a white female, in my middle 50s, living in the Southeastern US. [A Look Inside My Head] [Split Personality]

The Horses
I have two Thoroughbreds, Rodney and Milton, who live in the backyard. They are pasture ornaments at the moment. Mainly. The goal is for both to become competition horses. Meanwhile, I have been showing American Saddlebreds in the Academy division with Stepping Stone Farm. [Cast of Critters]

Rodney’s origin story [The Horse Next Door] Horse Illustrated
Rodney 2010 to 2014 [Our Story So Far]
Milton arrives August 2014 [Mail Order Horse]
Milton 2014 to 2016 [Where The Time Went]
[Looking Back, Rodney 2016]
[Looking Back, Milton 2016]
[Looking Back 2017, Home Team]

The Support Staff

Greg & Wilco Doug Shiflet Photography Used with permission
Greg & Wilco
Doug Shiflet Photography
Used with permission

Greg. Husband. Farmhand. Mechanic. Medical Advisor. Vet tech. Groundperson. Jump crew. Fence repairman. Driver. All-around awesome individual.

Coach Courtney. Courtney Huguley, Stepping Stone Farm, Chelsea, AL. Saddle seat, Pleasure Driving. [Lessons From Nationals: The Value of a Coach]

Coach Kate. Kate Bushman, Whip Hand Farm, Franklin, TN. Combined Driving. [First CD Lesson]

Text, Why & When

The Blog
What’s with the two names?
For 6 years, the blog was titled Rodney’s Saga. Then I got frustrated, again, and left, again [Getting Off the Struggle Bus]. When I came back, I wanted a new title to take the focus off Rodney and his vast, glorious uselessness. Changing the title was the work of seconds. Changing the url, i.e., is more complicated. Particularly as I want to maintain continuity. I need to figure it out, or hire someone to figure it out for me. It’s on my ToDo list. [Bright-Eyed, Bushy-Tailed, & Back to Blogging]

Why Virtual Brush Box?
Attributes of a Brush Box
A container for horse paraphernalia.
Non-horse-related objects can be found in them as well.
Odds & ends accumulate in the corners.
The contents are unique to the person using it.
[The Winding Path to My New Blog Title]

The Blog History
Rodney’s Saga is a daily blog is about my two horses, along with other horse-related activities in my life. The first post was December 22, 2011 [We begin. Again.].

The blog began as a column, Back to Eventing, written for the USEA website. I wrote it for nine months before they changed their emphasis. Then, I continued it on my own as Back to Riding [Reposts]. As an experiment, I consolidated the monthly Back To Riding and weekly Facebook into the daily Rodney’s Saga for a year. Once the year was up, I kept going [Where Do We Go From Here?]. After that, the blog proceeded to the present, broken up by the with the occasional snit. [A Sea of Statistics].

Props to Can I Have A Pony?: My Horsey Past for the idea of posting a link to the start.

The Comments
Comments are closed after 30 days as a spam control measure. Please feel free to comment on a unrelated later post or email me, [Comment Policy]

The Schedule
Unless I change my mind. Some schedule days are carved deeper into stone than others.

Monday. Milton or Rodney

Tuesday. Ditto

Wednesday. Adventures in Saddle Seat. Started as a specific day November 2015 [First post Whither Now? Saddle Seat Version: Blogging]

Thursday. Driving. We do both Combined Driving and ASB Pleasure Driving, occasionally combination of the two [Show Report: Fun Show 2016 #1]. Started Summer 2016. [First post National Horse Brass Society 2016]

Friday. Photography. The rest of the week is photos for content. This is photos for art. [First post Texture]

Saturday. Writing projects. State of the Blog post on the last Saturday.

Sunday. Book lettering project [Letter Art: AlphaBooks 2017]. First complete book alphabet was 2017 [Letter Art, AlphaBooks: Recap 2017]. Also stamps [My First Stamp Show] or other bits of unrelated design [You Know You Have Fallen Down The Lettering Rabbit Hole When …].

Sunday started as straight up lettering.
First post for lettering [Brush Pen]
Rationale for lettering [This & That]
First post for alphabet [A Is For Appaloosa]
Rationale for alphabet [A to Z 2015]
Title switch [Definitions of Terms].

Update November 2018
The entire subtitle edifice is getting cumbersome. From now on, I will only subtitle posts that pertain to a specific sub-plot. At the moment that means: Adventures in Saddle Seat, Driving/Jumping Thursday, Photography, & Graphic Design. Unless the content is obvious from the title, e.g. Foto Friday for photography. Generalized horse posts & Milton/Rodney posts will stand on their own.

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

(Page updated 9/28/18)

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