Looking Back, Rodney 2016

Sigh. What can I say that I didn’t say 3 years ago [Zeno’s Horse Training]? Rodney makes progress, but gets nowhere.

As I said earlier this month [Meanwhile], Rodney has been working on long-lining and field walks. Both slowly improve. He’s stands quietly, playing couch, while Milton works. He’s wearing a bit instead of a hackamore [Or Not]. I can use the reins without having him curl his neck up like a shrimp, at least at the walk.

And yet.

We not an inch closer to any of my competition goals than we were at the beginning of the year.

On The Upside
It’s not all bad news. As pasture decoration, Rodney is outstanding (not just out. standing.). He’s pretty to look at. He’s gorgeous when he moves. He’s low maintenance: lives out, doesn’t wear a blanket, gets 2 front keg shoes. For a 17-hand horse with Thoroughbred feet, two simple front shoes count as low maintenance.

He’s a kind horse. He likes to be with his people, and appreciates when we minister to his various – thankfully minor – ailments.

He has a huge personality. He provides us with endless amusement. I often sit at the barn simply to watch and listen.

Plus, the feed change has been good for Rodney as well as for Milton [Feed Adventures]. Rodney has always been good about putting on weight. Now he’s filling out over the ribs as well. He has abundant energy without having it bubble out his ears.

So that was 2016. As far as Rodney Progess goes, not much different from 2015, or 2014, or … nevermind. Onwards!

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

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