Looking Back, Milton 2016

Double sigh.

Everything I said about Rodney [2016] holds true for Milton:
Activity, but no progress.
Easy on the eyes.
Entertaining to have around.
Personality to spare.

Sure the driving training is going well, but what good does that do ME?

The biggest change in Milton has been from the feed [Adventures]. Grey horses get bumps. It happens. He has a particularly large, ugly one on the inside of his right thigh. The swelling of this lump was one of the indicators that sparked the recent feed change. On the new feed, the lump is gradually shrinking. Yay! It is also falling apart. I have been in the habit of cleaning and medicating it. Lump is benign, but bad. Therefore, anything that annoys lump is good. Recently, a small part of it fell off during cleaning. Gross, but yay.

Was he having a low-grade inflammatory reaction to something? Now that his system is not under seige, it can address lump management? Or do I have no grasp of equine anatomy? Whatever the reason, the lump is smaller. This is a demonstrable physical change. We are not imagining it. We also think we see a change in his outlook. We might be imaging this.

Have we been making him NQR all this time? Have we finally gotten back to the horse he was in Canada? OTOH, I have made similar statements after changing feed, instituting naptime, etc. [Did not search for past posts. I don’t wanna know how often I’ve said this. Too depressing.] Have we turned a corner, or are we turning in circles?


Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

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