Looking Back, SSF 2016

Saddle Seat Wednesday



Thus endeth the year. Waiting for the announcement at the last class of the last show of the season. Miss Courtney, Iggy, & me at Nationals [Show Report]. Purchased from Sandra Hall Photography.

I love how I look here. Calm. Confident. At ease on the horse. OTOH, there is not a trace of equitation diva in evidence. Weirdly for me, although I can see the flaws, I still like the photo.

By The Numbers
Shows – 13

Big shows – 8. Really 7, there was a 2-in-1 weekend [Show Reports & Addendum]. I overshot my goal of 5 big shows [Revised Show Plan], but not by too much. I even missed a few shows, but mostly due to conflicts with Greg’s driving. More on that tomorrow.

Shows where I won all my classes – 3. All big shows. All with at least 3 classes (5, 4, & 3). One included driving. Never get tired of this. [Pro-Am, NE GA, NRHA]

Riding Classes – 41
Riding Wins – 15

Driving Classes – 9
Driving Wins – 5. Classes of one or two entries, usually me & Greg. We split the wins. He won when steering was required. I won when we had to drive fast & look snappy, mostly thanks to Alvin’s willingness to do same.

Winning Percentage for Riding Classes Р37%;  Adult-Only classes, 38%. One-third is a great percentage in baseball; sucks in school. Not sure where showing falls in that spectrum.

I tended to win the second class of my division, 7 times, versus the first class, 3 times. I ride better after being in the ring once? Judges need to take a second look at me? Who knows. The only times I won the first classes or the championship classes were those golden days when I swept the board.


NE GA Sam 6


Lessons – numerous
Lesson Horses & Lesson Horse Owners – Generous
Having a Barn Home – Priceless

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Process note: Since the show year runs from December to December, it does not exactly match the calendar year. The difference is one Winter Tournament schooling show. Close enough.

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Katherine Walcott

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