Show Reports NE GA Charity & MidSummer Classic 2016, Addendum

What else is there to say? [Show Reports]

Of course, I have more to say. I always have more to say.

The Before
New clothes.
New saddle.
New attitude.
[Put Down the Hammer]

As the song says, “Two outta three ain’t bad.” I spent Friday, Friday night, and Saturday morning in dedicated mental preparation. I succeeded in dialing back the enthusiasm to an energizing but sustainable level. I was not sick to my stomach! I filled my headspace with aphorisms – Trust the Process, It doesn’t get easier; you get better. I drew charts in my head.

I was ready. It was good. It was all completely … wrong.

I got on. I rode in with style and verve. Coach Courtney called me over. The exact words are a blur, but the essence was, ‘What the hell are you doing out there? This is so bad I don’t even know where to begin. Get your shit together.’

Picture me sitting on Sam with my lip quivering, thinking, ‘But … but … but …’

I trotted around a bit more. I found a few passable moves. I lined up to wait for the class. I called Miss Courtney over. I asked meekly, “I’m confused. What should I be doing?”

She said, “You need to ride with elegance. Be subtle.”

Picture me sitting there, thinking, ‘Have you MET me?’

The During
Part of my problem in preparation is that I don’t know what I am preparing for. After the above, I pulled myself together and – pardon me – TOTALLY ROCKED IT!


Then, on Sunday, I went in and rode exactly the same way. Or I thought I did. It was an all-ages class, so ribbons were going to be harder to come by. Even so, Miss Courtney said I had less snap than day before. I rode well, but didn’t have the flair. It felt the same to me.

The problem has been plaguing me since Walk-Trot [Show Report UPHA]. I ride okay in lessons. Then I go in the show ring and do … something. I have no idea what, since I can’t feel a difference.

Progress is being made. We are now discussing riding with flash vs riding well rather than holding my position vs flapping like a chicken. Either way, mystery to me. Some days, windshield; some days, bug.

I’m not talking about ribbons. The judge’s decision is out of my control. I’m talking about putting out a consistent product. If I can’t distinguish between good and bad, how can I work on having more of the former and less of the latter?

The Bottom Line
I wish I knew what I was doing out there.

… also …


Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

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