Show Report, Sorta, NRHA 2016

Saddle Seat Wednesday

I was happy at a horse show.

How did that happen? Truth in advertising, I was a neurotic mess on the drive up, per usual. As soon as we hit the grounds, I began to have a blast. Not usual. Most of the time, I am nervous to the point of people commenting on it [Update]. Not that it is ever difficult to guess what goes thru my head, whether I speak or not. But I digress.

This time, I was showing a different horse AND showing in a double bridle. Both are one-offs. I return to status quo Sam next time. So, even though it was a big show, it felt more like an experiment. As long as I got in, got around, and kept my reins sorted, I planned to declare victory.

The life lesson here is not complicated. Most of us can have fun when the pressure is low. The challenge is keeping a positive attitude when the pressure is high. Still working on that.

Plus, Greg was at the show, which always makes my day better. On days when I am letting the horse show get to me, my husband’s presence doesn’t mean I get less nervous. It means I have someone to be nervous at.

Oh yeah, I won all my classes. Kermit Dance!

My good mood beforehand did not affect my ride. I can win when I’m a sick puddle all morning. [Report, the same show where the above referenced comment was made]. It’s just that pre-ride nerves make the day SO much less enjoyable.

I heard what people wrote about saddle seat being a distraction [More]. I have come up with a compromise. However, as my credibility on this matter is non-existent [To Show or Not To Show], I will refrain from elaborating for the moment.

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

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  1. So glad to hear that you were happy at a show. And that you were able to take in what people who care about you had to say.

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