On the 7th Day of Christmas: Seven Horses Showing

As with last year, I had the opportunity to show in saddle seat academy classes through the Stepping Stone Farm lesson program. It was, um, a growth year. Much was learned. Many horses were ridden. Some whining occured. We ended on a high note. Onwards!

Show mounts for 2014
SSF logoTrump [SSF Summer Show]
Sam [Winter Tournament 2] [Pro Am] [MSSP] [SSF Fun] [National Academy] [GA Fall Classic]
Natalie (riding & driving) [SSF Fun Show] [Winter Tournament 1:2015]
Maggie [Winter Tournament 3] [Dixie Cup]
Lola [NE Georgia] [Al Charity]
Bingo [Rocking S] [UPHA]
Alvin (driving) [SSF Fun Show] [National Academy]

By The Numbers
Number of shows: 14
Number of big shows: 8
Number of classes: 43
(2-3 classes at most shows, 4 at a handful, 8 (!) at Nationals)
Number of driving classes: 4
Number of ribbons: 45
(one per class, two series-end awards, all hanging in my office, perks of working at home)
Number of classes won: 12
(half of these from the last two shows of the year)
Number of lessons: 57
Number of lesson horses: 15
(Above, plus Willie, Tango, Roberto, Moony, Jazz, Freckles, Bo, & Bama on the long-line)

Thank you to the owners for sharing their lovely horses.
Thank you to my coach for instruction, for moral support, and for seeing what I am capable of, whether I believe you or not.

Waiting Photo by Mom
Photo by Mom
My favorite show picture on my favorite show horse.

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