Show Report UPHA Chapter 8 in 2014

Last year, different show, same place.
Last year, different show, same place.

UPHA Chapter 8 Horse Show
September 12-13, 2014
Tri-State Exhibition Center, McDonald, TN.
Academy WTC (all comers) with Bingo
Thank you to Courtney Huguley for sharing her horse.

This is the first Saddlebred show I have done from soup to nuts. I started Thursday loading at the barn, went through each day, and finished Sunday on the return trip. I wasn’t responsible for the horses, but rode in the truck of the person who was. Therefore, I was there for feeding in the am and there when the lights went off in the pm. Back in the day, this is how I did horse shows and events. It’s either the way I’m used to, or the way I prefer it. Or both. I miss it.

Although, during the insane number of increasingly heavy cranks required to unhitch the SSF gooseneck, I will confess to wondering, ‘What is so bad about princessing in right before my class … ?’

Academy Equitation WTC, 4th out of 6
Academy Showmanship WTC, 3rd out of 6

Line-up. Photo by Lela Seagle
Line-up. Photo by Lela Seagle

Bingo was in a mood. Perhaps for reasons of his own. Perhaps because I was annoying him. The upshot was that he was not meeting me halfway. This is unusual for an ASB. In my experience, the youngsters say ‘Wheeeee! I’m at a show!’ The veterans say, ‘I know how this game is played. Hang on back there!’ Bingo said, ‘I know my job. I will do it. However. Don’t expect me to waltz on rainbows just because you dragged my ass into a show ring.’

Therefore, the show did not go as well as I had hoped/expected based on my recent lessons. Years ago, a BNR told us, ‘First you get it at home. Then you get it in warm-up. Then you get it in the show ring.’ He didn’t mention how frustrating it was in process, when you have one but not yet the other.

For example, at home we have been getting flawless canter-to-walk transitions: soft canter, breath, walk. Nailed it. At the show, I was achieving intermediate trot steps before wrestling him down to a walk. It’s hard to be elegant when one is thinking, ‘Whoa, dammit.’

At least I didn’t come in last.

Sandra Hall Photography
2014 UPHA Chapter 8 14 > Saturday Academy > 047 – AC Equit WTC & 048 – AC Showmanship WT > chestnut horse, black helmet. Under counsel from my photo advisor, I ordered UH14-047-008 from the first class. BTW, that’s Trump winning the first class with his owner.

For a giggle, check out Saturday Academy > 046 – AC Pleasure Driving > UH14-046-003. Big knows that driving horses have handlers during line-up. His was late.

Last year Show Report & my Show Photos
Gratuitous Dog Pix

From start …

Day 1. Marshall's first horse show.
Day 1. Marshall’s first horse show.

… to finish
Day 4: Driving home. Done horse showing.
Day 4: Driving home. Done horse showing.

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