Nepali Pack Ponies, A Guest Post

More armchair equine travel from Ellen Broadhurst, author of The Chronicles of the $700 Pony [Half Halt 2006] & The Further Adventures of the $700 Pony [Half Halt 2008]. Welcome Ellen:

EB Nepal black

Horses and donkeys were all over the hills as they made deliveries of food and fuel.

EB Nepal gas
Everything in the upper areas has to be brought in by horses, donkeys or people. Which made us feel really great when we were refilling our water bottles and not using plastic. Despite the iodine taste. Yick.

EB Nepal chicken 1

EB Nepal chicken 2

The pack animals were amazingly hardy, clomping up and down the steps and hills without a misstep. Generally they were in a train, and generally, one or all of them wore bells, so that trekkers could hear them coming and get out of the way. They didn’t really suffer fools, these working equines, so it was a good idea to step aside when they were coming through.

EB Nepal chicken 3

EB Nepal chicken 4

Up the steps and around the corner, not a problem.

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(Last photo enlarged because Oh. My. Goodness.)

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