Show Report: NeGCHS 2014

Northeast Georgia Foothills Charity Horse Show
June 27th & 28th, 2014
Chicopee Woods Agricultural Center, Gainesville GA

I showed in Academy Walk, Trot, Canter Adult with Ashado, barn name Lola. Thanks to Jessica Hill and her family for sharing their fabulous mare.

Internal dialogue before canter depart: Saddlebreds use outside rein. Saddlebreds use outside rein. Saddlebreds use ...   Photo by Mom.
Internal dialogue before canter depart: Saddlebreds use outside rein. Saddlebreds use outside rein. Saddlebreds use …
Photo by Mom.

53. Academy Equitation WTC – Adult 1st out of 2
Lola spooked at everything. The banners, the people walking between the ring and the bleachers, a DOG lying next to the ring. I told her if she had that much energy, she could put it towards looking brilliant. That worked for about five strides until she saw another banner. She even took exception to the ribbon on her bridle during the victory pass. Unfortunately, saddle seat show photographers stop shooting when a ride goes bad. No airs-above-the-ground photos.

Afterwards, everyone said Lola looked as if she was having a blast. I guess she was a kid in a carnival house of horrors. Here an eek! There an eek! Everywhere an eek! eek!

54. Academy Showmanship WTC – Adult 2nd out of 2
I once again failed to gather and direct my mount’s wandering attention. Halfway through, I reached back to give her a loud smack behind the saddle. I hoped this would cause her to sober up and fly right. Lola was not pleased. Neither was the judge.

“No horse training in the ring,” says coach.

68. Academy WTC Championship 4th out of 4
Only half the canter competitors stayed for the championship class. So, me and 3 kids. Final words from the coach were, “Don’t make her crazy.”

Check. I spent the class thinking non-crazy-making thoughts and trying to keep my head up. All that stillness was exhausting. Toward the end of the last canter, I was three strides from walking, whether they announced it or not. Long, hot day.

Despite the last place, I was pleased with my effort. Coach agreed. Many kind folks told me that any of the four of us could have won. Nice to say, but one can never be sure how much of such comments are smoke. Someone who has seen a lot of my riding said it was the best she’s seen me ride, including several dressage tests.

Progress, but not ultimate victory. I can see that what I’m learning would help in any discipline. It remains to be seen if my patience will last long enough to perfect the finer points of equitation. Horse training is way more fun that being lady-like.

Rachel Kelley Photography
Horse Show Proofs > 2014 Horse Shows > Northeast Georgia Foothills Charity Horse Show > Saturday Academy > 53 ACADEMY EQ & SHOWMANSHIP WTC ADULT. Two riders. I’m the one on a chestnut with a helmet. Me wearing the helmet, not the chestnut. > 68 ACADEMY WTC CHAMPIONSHIP. Helmet, chestnut.

Thank you for respecting her copyright. My photo rant. I can’t imagine standing in the middle of that ring all day.

Silent Auction Loot

paper GA

Not the sexiest thing to get from a silent auction, but darn useful. The problem of wedging it into my little car along with two people and all the show luggage occurred to me after I bid.

Mile Marker
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