Things My Momma Told Me

In the Show Report that never ends, here are two items that came up in conversation.

By Any Means Necessary

There were buns but these buns had mandatory bows. Shiny earrings were mandatory. Make-up was mandatory. For those of you who know me and my daughter, right there you know we’re not in Kansas anymore.
Guest Show Report: A Mom’s POV, Part 2

Photo by Mom
Photo by Mom
Photo by Mom
Photo by Mom

So very far from Kansas. Ask anyone who has begged me sit still for hair &/or make-up. My mother watched with amusement as the latest unfortunate volunteer attempted to wrestle me into a lady-like shape.

She said this proves that I will do almost anything to get on a horse.

Duty Calls
My mother also pointed out that horse show conversations are often aborted mid-flight. You may be deep in discussion about the state of the world or their daughter’s ride, only to have the other person walk away without warning. While both parties are talking they are also keeping an eye out for a rider needing help with an outfit, a horse heading for the ring, a loose dog, or any of the other million details of a horse show. If something needs fixed, you leave and fix it. This is so obvious to me that I never gave it a thought.

She likened it to working in a retail establishment. Co-workers chatting. Customer wants to give money. Co-workers stop chatting.

Happy Fourth!

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