Show Report & Show Tweets: SSF Fun Show 2014

Stepping Stone Farm Fun Show
October 25, 2014
Chelsea, AL
Pleasure with Natalie (3rd of 3, 2nd of 4)
Equitation with Sam (1st of 3)
Driving with Alvin (2nd of 2)
Thank you to Ann Stanton and Nicole Hardy, the Donovan family, & the Wamble family for their wonderful horses.

Alvin. Photo by G
Photo by G
Hands up. Back straight. Need to bring elbows in & open my chest. Alvin, of course, is being stellar. He is very good with student drivers.

Show Report
In a rare twist of sanity, I am not worried about placing last in two of the four classes. Historically, I do not ride well at at home shows [Summer 2013, Summer 2014]. This appears to be unrelated to whether I ride well or badly at the next big show [August 2013 – awesome, September 2014 – suck pond water].

In the first class, I learned the concept of hiding from the judge – mostly because I didn’t. In hunter/jumper, eventing, dressage, etc., the judge sits outside the ring or next to the jump, surveying the entire field of play. The rider is always under the judge’s eye. In saddle seat, the judge is in the center, usually looking only at one side of the ring.

In my first class, Natalie objected to cars being where they shouldn’t. As soon as she started to hop and fuss, I figured I’d blow the class. I felt free to reprimand her. Loudly. If I had schooled her quietly, the judge told me she would have missed the whole thing. Lesson learned.

In my checkered riding past, I have done many, many patterns, also know as dressage tests. I may not be able to style them, but the idea of them doesn’t upset me. Most saddle seat riders are not used to being alone in the ring. I’m not used to having company. So, my big problem with riding a pattern is not to get overconfident. No point in being tricksy if I blow the basics.

Overall, good warm up for next week.


Show Tweets

Mathilda’s owner saw the class. He noted that I get along with this chunky, black mare as well as I got along with his chunky, black mare.

Placed second to the barn’s equitation star on her new suit horse. No shame in that.

Photo by G
Photo by G
The spectator parking that offended Natalie. (Process note: a second version of this photo was in better focus but the horse & I looked worse. Guess where my loyalties lie.)

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  1. Hi, out of curiosity – what is the purpose of inverting the horse’s topline to such extent as on your pictures in your sport? I haven’t come across this in the UK (maybe only in “Black Beauty! 😦 ) so I am genuinely quite shocked. Is it the ewe neck appearance that the judges look for?

  2. At show. Have theories. Will also ask coach. Will respond later. (My sport? Sigh. My sport is … I don’t know any more. Will have to think on this also.)

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