On the Seventh Day of Christmas: 7 Mags a-Payin’

7 USDF Connection

7 Paso Fino Horse World

One of my goals for 2014 is to get re-energized about writing for money. When the economy tightens, the first thing to go is the freelance budget. It is past time for me to poke my head above ground and see what magazines are left standing.

Pictured: horse publications for which I have written in the ten years. The PFHW cover is a stand-in as the relevant issue has gone walkabout.

7 Hunter & Sport Horse

7 The Horse

I’m easy professional. I’ll write just about anything for which I can talk someone into paying me. I’ve ghost-written a book, edited science papers, and reviewed adult products. However, the majority of my work – by word count, if not by $$ – has been for horse magazines.

Despite attempts to diversify, I suspect this will continue to be true.

7 Horse Illustrated

7 Eventing USA

7 Equestrian News

Watch this space.

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