State of the Blog: This & That

Monthly blogging post. No deep thoughts. Just a few notes. [Previous end-of-month posts]

Twitter Usage
I still don’t feel that I grok Twitter. Clearly, it speaks to folks in a way that eludes me. I compromise on using the blog’s main Twitter account (@RodneysSaga) for tweets from shows [MSSP] and for the occasional pithy comment:

Yes, I said main account. I have a second account (@RodneySagaBlog – no room for second s) wherein I Tweet daily links:

This way, people can follow by Twitter if they are so inclined without having the main feed clogged with a barrage of links. I made exception for Tweeting the two Towel Day posts [Do You Know, Towel Day] on the main account, because Douglas Adams.

It’s a theory.

Fridays have been Foto Friday since March of 2012 [Texture]. Sundays have been Text Art since November 2013 [Brush Pen]. I have decided to make Saturdays a miscellaneous bin: storage [1 of 4], article notices [Other Writing: USDF Connection May 2014], or off topic posts [My Origin Story]. This leaves four days for original pontification instead of seven. Internet wisdom says folks surf less on weekends. I can’t say my numbers change much. However, the wisdom matches my inclination, so I’m going with it.

On Sundays, Devil’s Panties does cartoon octipi or sketches. These aren’t my favorite, but I appreciate the artist wanting to mix it up. I reach.

Mathilda’s Post
I jumped on it as soon as I did (4 days) because I couldn’t talk about the show [Report] without talking about what happened before. Otherwise, who knows how long I would have taken to gird my loins. As was, I kept the blog going (mostly by habit), but couldn’t bring myself to care about posting the links on Twitter etc. for awhile. (Paragraph posted post posting.)

I didn’t want to do it [Sad News]. It was horrible to write. I felt ghoulish, flogging a terrible incident to fill a post. On the other hand, if I had been reading along about an older horse, I would want to know. If I am to be a reliable narrator, I must narrate the bad as well as the good.

With luck, more of the latter. Lots more.

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