Sad News

The weekend’s show report will be delayed one day. I have a rainbow bridge announcement. Last Friday, Mathilda had one mechanical failure too many.

At breakfast, she had once again lain down and gotten stuck. When we got her up, it was obvious she had hurt her shoulder. With three wonky legs, she was unable to maintain her balance and collapsed. Even if we could have bodily lifted her to her feet, she would have need bute &/or banamine for muscle aches and to prevent colic. This would have lead to appetite suppression and the loss of weight she could not spare. The minions had run out of miracles. Vet was called.

Unfortunately, the clinic had several crises that morning, necessitating a wait of several hours. At this point she was out in the pasture. We stayed with her, sitting by her head, doing what we could to keep her cool and shaded. When she got uncomfortable, we rolled her over, putting blankets underneath for cushioning. Tears were shed.

We wanted the vet to hurry up and yet dreaded his arrival. When he saw that she had been down since we first called, he ramped up to give us The Speech. We cut him off. We already knew the right thing to do. We hated it, but it was correct.

The vet came and went. The man with the backhoe came and went. Mathilda was buried with her feed bucket, her booties, half a dozen carrots, and a double handful of horse cookies.

Yes, I went to the show that weekend. As soon as our duties were over, Chief Minion headed to work. I packed the car and headed to the show. Getting off the property seemed a good idea to both of us.

Rodney now lives out 24/7. Previously, he had been in his stall either to give Mathilda run of the pasture or to keep her company at night. On Friday, we brought him out to look and sniff. He spooked a little and then grazed by where she lay. He appears to be adjusting to life as a single horse. He certainly misses access to her leftover feed, special hay, & treats. He looks to us for company. But, so far, no running about or hysteria.

Side note: In the beginning stages of waiting for the vet, although unable to rise to her feet, the daft cow would roll partial up, grab a bite of grass and then flop back down. This is why I call … called … her names.

Mathilda, we miss you.

Rhyme & Mathilda
Rhyme & Mathilda

26 thoughts on “Sad News

  1. That is really sad. I have been there too. But not actually there when my boy had to be put down. I was in another state when he colicked. It’s too sad to lose a horse. 😦

  2. Godspeed, Mathilda (and I say that without irony). You don’t need me to give you the ‘did the right thing’ speech either … you guys know that and so did she. And that’s a whole lot better than waffling and wondering whether it was really time.

    I will distract you soon with roadtrip tales. Have just been appallingly disorganized. Apparently I am out of practice with deadlines ….

  3. She will be missed. You both deserve a lot of credit for giving her the long and peaceful life she had. Separation is always hard. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

  4. And so a “new” chapter begins. I hope the possibilities of the new will soon outweigh the heaviness in your hearts. You done good.

  5. I’m so sorry! She lived a wonderful, happy long life and you all made that happen! :)Thoughts are with you!

  6. I’m so sorry. Even knowing it was coming soon, it still breaks your heart. (Priney was sick for 2 years before she told us she was ready to go.) Hugs. My tears are for you and Greg and Mathilda.

  7. So sorry to hear of your loss. The trouble with horses is we tend to have them in our lives long than we have most other pets except for parrots and turtles and, I suppose, elephants. My thoughts are with you, K.

  8. I’m very sorry for you both. It’s so hard no matter what and she’s been in your lives a long time. She had a wonderful life with you and under your care, one lucky lady. I hope all of those memories help you through the tough times ahead. Hugs to both of you.

  9. Please accept my sympathies. The loss of a dear friend and daily companion is heartbreaking. Spring is a time of renewal. May this change in your life brings new growth and adventures.

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