Fotography Friday: Texture

Work: PM heat therapy/PM groom & exercises.
Report: Did all 6 exercises [crossrail, weave cones, plank, reverse poles, crossrail, log], including 2-3 reps of everything but the first crossrail, despite it being almost dusk. In the morning, I was out of bed in plenty of time but got caught up in fiddling with the black hole that is WordPress widgets. Must get moving earlier.

Ramblings for the day: New feature since
a) a daily blog was not sufficiently overwhelming.
b) I am ardent fan of Thursday Night Basset Blogging by TBOGG. I couldn’t begin to tell you the man’s political opinions which form the bulk of his posts, but I like me some Bassets.

Caveat: I am not a photographer. I can manage a workmanlike Horse-Over-Fence shot for show coverage and I have supplied pictures for articles when the real photographers where off covering bigger things, e.g. the behind-the-scenes stories at Rolex. So this is by way of let’s see what happens. Apologies in advance to the sensibilities of any photographers in the audience. What photos I have sold are taken outdoors, in bright sunlight, on – I cringe to say it – autofocus. Technical capacity zero. I had a passing acquaintance with the workings of my film camera but have not advanced into the digital age of camera manipulation. Apparently there are 8 Things Every Camera Owner Should Know About Their Camera. Not only can I not do these, I don’t know where most of the buttons are. I want that to change.

[Kudos to Sunflower for refining the photography idea. Thanks to Images by Ceci for the camera link.]

Can you name all 6 common barn textures?
[Hover for answers]

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