Where Does The Time Go?

Work: late-PM heat therapy/EVE groom.
Report: lots of activity, little to show for it.

Ramblings for the day: One cost of having horses in the backyard is long drivetimes. A trip anywhere other than the feedstore is two hours of driving. There went the afternoon. The other cost of having horses at home is the gradual erosion of personal habits. Therefore, one must add in time beforehand to make oneself presentable to reenter polite society. There went the morning. A long-winded way to say that this afternoon’s simple, one-hour meeting kicked the stuffing out of my day.

What is your best time management tip?

One thought on “Where Does The Time Go?

  1. Make a list first thing in the morning and cross items off as you accomplish them. For huge goals, break them down into manageable tasks for the list. Time is unimportant if you are efficient and focused.

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