Me Next! Me Next!

Work: AM heat therapy/PM groom, no exercises.
Report: During grooming, he objected to being brushed on the head. I overruled his objection. [Option A from Head Games]. I just about brushed the star off his forehead waiting for him discover that the brush did not harbor tiny predators. That was enough of an adventure in patience for both of us for one day. Time will tell if we have progress or just a very clean head.

Ramblings from earlier in the day: We own two water horses. A sudden spring snap outpaced a fuzzy mare’s ability to cool herself, so she got her first shower of the year. As we walked toward the water trough/hosing area, Rodney came toodling along. After I hosed Mathilda’s undercarriage, I turned the hose on Rodney as an experiment. No halter, freedom to walk off should he choose. Not only did he fail to run off, he spun in a complete 360o like a kid in a sprinkler & then angled his head so that I could spray under his chin. I dehaltered the mare and they both stood in place as I spritzed one then the other. They would like a in-field fountain.

Now, if I could just remember to turn off the water & stop irrigating the field.

Has your horse ever been too cute for words & too annoying for words in the same day?

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