You Know You Have Fallen Down The Lettering Rabbit Hole When …


Me, behind a Coke Zero truck.
(Please note that I waited for an intersection to take the photo.)
Hmm, that R looks odd.
It’s too thin.
The O is even thinner.
(looking left) Ohh, the E and Z are progressively fatter.
The letters are “losing weight” from left to right.
The R has rounded ends.
The O is round.
Then why do the Z and the E have square ends?
It would have been easy enough to round them.
That way, the letters would have an organic, “human-body” feel.
This way, half the letters are square and half are round.
For no reason.
This is just stupid.

You know you are a letter nerd when you have violent opinions about a label.

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

Categories: Horses

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  1. Years ago I did a ‘consumer test’ where I had to look at a box for 30 seconds then describe it. The tester said I was the only person who noticed that the letters on the top of the box were serif and those on the bottom sans serif.
    You should see my font collection.

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