Show Report: Fun Show 2016 #1

Saddle Seat Wednesday

ASHAA Summer Fun Show 2016 #1
Heathermoor Farm
Leeds, Alabama
June 4, 2016

Alvin: CONES!
Me: Wheeee!

Our recent displays of style and verve [Team Awesome] have left us long on panache but short on precision. After stomping a cone and threatening the jump crew, I asked for a mulligan. On the second try, I made it through all the gates with only one ball drop, but still channeling a fantasy life wherein I was jumping-off in the Dixon oval at Devon.

We swapped drivers. Greg had long, straight lines and smooth turns. It’s not clear how to judge a Combined Saddlebred Driving Pleasure class. Knockdowns? Reinsmanship? At the Arab show [Report], I looked better, but Greg had fewer penalties. This time, Greg won either way.

I was grinning like an fool the entire time. Alvin, of course, was a star [Alvin’s induction into the ASHAA Hall of Fame: Awards].

All set to invade the Saddlebred world.
All set to invade the Saddlebred world.

Riding, The Mental Game
The idea of riding a horse, any horse, fills me with dread to the point of tears. Alas, Sam does not appreciate when I am hopped up on mega-doses of caffeine [MSSP]. Therefore, I could not take my lovely, lovely, anti-anxiety pills [Physiology of Nerves]. I had to make do with standard doses of soda & a Starbuck’s chocolate chip cookie. It was not enough. When I sought moral support, both husband and coach laughed at me. I can’t figure out if this is annoying or exactly what I need.

Show Details
Academy Driving (modified), 2nd of 2 with Alvin
Academy Showmanship WTC Adult, 2nd of 3 with Sam
Academy Equitation WTC Adult, 1st of 3 with Sam

Academy Driving (modified), 1st of 2 with Alvin

Family Ribbons
Family Ribbons

Brag pics from the Trader Joe’s parking lot. I didn’t even make it home before I started texting.

Thank you to the Wamble Family and Courtney Huguley for, once again, letting us drive/ride your wonderful horses.

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

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