Weekend Reports: Show

Saddle Seat Wednesday

Winter Tournament 2015/2016 #3
Hosted by Winsalot Stables
Arab City Park
Saturday, February 27, 2016

Riding Results
4/10. 4/9. 5/6. Pastel ribbons in large (for us) classes. Not unpleased. Sam did not like the mud, ring, phase of the moon.

Riding Lessons
After you use an aid, put it away.
Comment from ringside: Ease up on your reins.
Me: Oh, hell no.
CfR: It takes two to pull.
Me: He started it.
CfR: Bump and let go. (Also know as squeeze and release in the dressage world.)

Pleasure does not equal pleasant.
During the break between my second and third classes, Greg rubbed on Sam’s neck. Sam gradually got over himself. We had a nice pleasant class. However, a saddle seat pleasure class does not mean fun to ride. Saddle Seat Pleasure is Fun! To! Ride! I need to rock on down the road rather than ease on down the road.

Driving Results
Instead of a standard driving class with two carts circling the ring, we staged an impromptu Combined Driving demo. We brought the cones, balls & measuring stick; set up the figure-eight course we had practiced; then took turns driving. Alvin was a star.

Ended [Show Report MSSP 2016, No More Magic Bullets]Greg won. We left it up to the judge to decide based on faults or on style. Greg had fewer faults and better lines. I remembered to put my hands up and look pretty, occasionally.

Driving Lesson
Same cones + same course + new ring = totally different feel.
Thank you to Julie Wamble & Courtney Huguley for their wonderful horses.

Update. Show may have been casualty of caffeine experiment. [Show Report MSSP 2016, No More Magic Bullets, Archives]


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