Milton for the Moment

We are having the vet out to check one of Milton’s feet. There may or may not be anything wrong. If there is, it may or may not have anything to with my mind-numbing absence of progress. We shall see.

Meanwhile: holding pattern. Field walks. Ground-driving at a walk. No trotting on the lunge line. No jumping on the lunge line because it’s Sunday and d*mm*t somebody is going to jump something.
Gratuitous Postcard

Russia - front
Russia – front
Russia - back
Russia – back
Russia - stamps
Russia – stamps

Bird Market
by Eduard Uspensky

Bird Market,
Bird Market…
On golden July day
Between cages and baskets
We walk with papa.

We see – fish is sold,
Fins burning fire!
We looked at the fish
And decided that we take!

Giving away free kittens
A nice seller.
On the kittens we have looked,
looked –
And finally took.

Here we were offered a squirrel.
– How much is?
– Five rubles. –
At it we have looked,
looked –
It is necessary to take it quickly!

The sender says this is from a poem about a father and son buying animals, including a horse, at the market. Mom is not pleased when the menagerie returns home. We had a Russian friend translate. The Google translation was … amusing. He also identified the author. Full lyrics in English here. Technically this is a card that came in an envelope, but it came through Postcrossing.

RS Postcrossing post
Official Postcrossing site

Thank you to I for the postcard.
Thank you to V for the translation.
Thank you for reading.
Katherine Walcott

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  1. The cards are fun! Good luck with Milton. And congrats for your time and progress on Rodney’s back!

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