Letter Art: AlphaBooks 2017

New project.

Last year’s Letter Art [2016] saw me scrambling for horse-related ideas on the trickier letters, i.e. Q, X, Z, etc. [Zoonoses]. However, I want to stay with lettering on Sunday. I know it is not everyone’s fav, but it amuses me & provides an artistic outlet. Neither are things at which to be sneezed.

This year, my alphabet will be 26 horse books. The selection criteria is highly arbitrary. I’m going with what amuses me. (You may sense a theme.) Old books. New books. Books from my childhood. Books from my stint as a book reviewer. I like stories. Therefore, most of the books will be fiction or nonfiction narrative.

In an ideal world, each letter would reflect the content of the book, as with Penguin Drop Caps. Alas, I am not sufficiently artistic. I will be happy if I come up with any design at all. There will inevitably be weeks when I throw a standard computer font over the cover & call it a letter.

Process note: I did not consciously steal copy sincerely flatter this idea. OTOH, Jessica Hische is one of my design heroes [Swashes]. Her book, In Progress, lives in my inspiration pile. I may have read about the project, forgotten it, & then “come up” with the idea on my own. The mind is a weird place. At least mine is.

Open to recommendations for all letters. Open in particular to recommendations for those tricky letters. I plan to (re)read all of the books. I really don’t want to have to read Xenophon cover to cover.

Which books would you choose?

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

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