The Winding Path to My New Blog Title

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Attributes of a Brush Box
A container for horse paraphernalia.
Non-horse-related objects can be found in them as well.
Odds & ends accumulate in the corners.
The contents are unique to the person using it.

Dead Ends
Take up/Taking the Reins
Short, expressive exhortation. I liked that reins apply to both riding and driving. Unfortunately, been done.

Take up the Reins – A program to encourage people to #GetHorsey in the UK.
Taking up the Reins – Advancing Girl Power Through Horsepower in Los Angeles, CA.

Both worthy-sounding organizations. I left them to it.

Taking Up My Reins
Same idea, personalized. Unfortunately, the initials spell TUMR. Not a good sign.

Pull Your Socks Up
A ongoing reminder to get my act together. Unfortunately, a secondary meaning of the phrase is, Duck, bullets are about to fly. A signal to your team without alerting your foes. Too much violence. Urban Dictionary

Katherine’s Kollection
Kute. Unfortunately, there are some initials you just don’t want to mess with.

The Way Thru the Maze
… move the focus off Rodney … use my/me/name as a signal that this is a personal narrative, not an examination of the horse industry … leave it open-ended so i can post chapters of my science fiction novel should i stopping talking about it and get around to writing it … Hanna Schock of Picture Book Theology suggested using a happy place, perhaps Katherine’s Pasture? … hmm … a tool? Katherine’s Muck Bucket? … doesn’t say much about the contents … i like the idea of a container … what do i use so often that i don’t even recognize it anymore? … Katherine’s Notebook? …. i always have one on my person … too literary … where do i store ideas? … Katherine’s Spreadsheet? …. not a math blog … Katherine’s Tack Box? … since i’m not boarding and not showing my own horses, i don’t actually own one at the moment … brush box? … i carry two in my truck …

… one for the saddle seat barn [What Makes You, You? A Blog Hop.]

… one pretty wooden version that i use for storage in the front seat [ASHAA Banquet 2017] …

… i have brush boxes in the trailer … i have brush boxes in the barn … each horse has his own … one for first aid, one as a pantry, at least one spare …

… one for foot care [Milton February 2017] …

… i guess i do have a lot of brush boxes … who knew? … IRL, i am as likely to call it a grooming box … Katherine’s Grooming Box? .. too much beauty blog … Katherine’s Brush Box? … Katherine’s Virtual Brush Box? .. okay, that’s not gonna fly … my name is way too long … i’ll never survive all the typing … My Virtual Brush Box … ehhh … after all that, I like the three-word version.

Virtual Brush Box

I also tried to keep in mind Hanna’s other advice. A good title is nice. Good content is better.

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

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