ASHAA Banquet 2017

Saddle Seat Wednesday

Riding Awards

Champion WTC Adult Showmanship – ribbon & trophy
Champion WTC Adult Equitation – ribbon & trophy
High Point Adult Academy Rider – grooming box with plaque
Groom box passenger is a memento for competing at Nationals

Driving Awards

Reserve Champion Academy Driving – Katherine
Third Place Academy Driving – Greg

Team Stepping Stone

Photo by Becky Anderson
Photo by Becky Anderson

Sure, we have the standard line-up shots. I’ll share them on the Rodney’s Saga Facebook page when I post this. But this may be my all-time favorite banquet photo. If memory serves, I was saying Yay! or Go Team! rather than trying to bite Miss Courtney’s ear off.

Barn Awards
Stepping Stone Farm
High Point Adult Academy
High Point Junior Academy
High Point Junior
High Point Amateur

High Point Academy Barn
High Point Performance Barn

Yes, we swept the awards.
American Saddlebred Horse Show Association of Alabama

2016 Banquet for 2015 Show Year
Annual Awards 2015
Banquet Today

2015 banquet for 2014 show year
Banquet Photos
Why I Ride by Katie Wood
Recursive Photography
State of the Blog: Lightning in a Bottle

2014 Banquet for the 2013 Show Year
Spotted at the Banquet
Silent Auction

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Katherine Walcott

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  1. Sweet! And I love the picture, it captures the spirit and happiness much better than the standard line up

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