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AWWCC had an organizational meeting at the end of last year. We went. I held off the announcement until the club was official. So far, the plan is for a competition in February, a clinic in April, and fun drive in the summer. I shall keep you posted.

Carriage Clubs, e.g. AWWCC & MTCC, cover combined driving and pleasure driving, which refers either to driving for fun or to Carriage Pleasure Driving classes, see the Pleasure-driving Show at the CAA Carriage Festival. This we do with Coach Kate at Whip Hand Farm.

Saddle seat driving is filed under saddle seat riding, e.g. ASHAA. ASB Show Pleasure Driving, ASB Country Pleasure Driving, Open Pleasure Driving, & Academy Driving are specific classes at saddle seat shows. This we do with Coach Courtney at Stepping Stone Farm.

Confused yet?

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