Foto Friday: Instagram January 2017

January Instagram pictures from @rodneyssaga.

Comment: ❤ ❤ ❤


Comments: Such a cute picture of him!, love the blurry tail wag!

Comment: Looks like F—-'s place.

… in THE South.


Procedural note: I have learned to embed Instagram posts rather than cut & paste my feed, as I had been doing before.


Upside: 1) So much easier. 2) Get to keep the captions.

Downside: 1) Bigger images makes the post longer. 2) Pretty sure this is not archiving the posts. Underneath this is a list of links to individual Instagram pages, as with Twitter archive posts [SSF Kitten Tweets]. If Instagram or Twitter goes, so goes the content of the related blog posts. OTOH, is any record truly permanent? The 2,212-year-old Rosetta stone is gonna outlast whatever is done by me & thee.

Neither up nor down: Repeated images from show reports. Not worth clicking over for two photos. Unlike a show’s worth of tweets.

[Instagram December 2016]

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