State of the Blog: Lightning in a Bottle

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KW shares

Posted earlier this month, Why I Ride by Katie Wood is now my second most popular individual post, according to the WordPress stats. It was by far the most popular on Facebook.

In WP hits, it takes a backseat only to Watching the Tevis, July 21, 2013.

It beats out
Fotography Friday: Texture, March 16, 2012
Help Me Name My Horse, Prize Offered, April 12, 2012
Foto Friday: A Short Tribute to Amy Tryon, April 13, 2012

Facebook numbers for past posts have gone poof, but they weren’t anything like this.

The essay was an entry for a youth contest run by the state horse show association. As the winner, it was read aloud at the annual banquet. Upon hearing it, my first reaction was, ‘Oooh, nice story.’ This thought was quickly followed by, ‘Oooh, nice blog post.’ I got permission from Katie, text from her mom, & the okay to use family photos off Facebook. Up it went.

I spent the day watching the hits and shares climb solidly into the triple digits. These are NOT usual numbers for me. Initially, I got all kinds of excited and told a friend when it reached 14 Facebook shares.

All of the credit goes to Katie. The only thing I did was recognize a good thing when I heard it.

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