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Banquet Today

banquet ribbon


Tonight is the annual banquet for the American Saddlebred Horse Show Association of Alabama. The association does not publish points throughout the year. Therefore, I must guess at my results. However, I can estimate based on the two previous years, the faces I saw at shows this year, and the number of classes.

Coach Courtney has received the results. She won’t tell me how I did. I see three possibilities:
1) Better than I expect. She wants to keep it a surprise.
b) Worse than I expect. She wants to keep me from being grumpy.
3 or c) She’s messing with me.

Superstition prevents me from predicting my results. I promise to confess if I was correct or not.
Gratuitous equipment photo. Barn chores in my new rubber boots.

polka dot boots

A spur-of-the-moment purchase the last time I bought feed at TSC. Just in time for our first winter storm.



Update: Boots sprung a leak in the first week. 😦
Tractor Supply took them back without question. 🙂

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