Whither Now? Saddle Seat Version

I plan to maintain weekly saddle seat lessons. It’s good to get on a schoolhorse. It’s good to have someone reminding me to look up. It’s good to have a barn family.

Job one is to let my budget recover. I’ve sat out a mere handful of shows over the last three years. That’s a lot of money. While I am delighted with the value received, there has been outflow.

Then, I’m convinced that as soon as I sit in the center of a hunter/jumper/eventing/dressage saddle, I will completely forget how to sit in back of a saddle seat saddle. When & if I start working on stretchy circles [Headset], I will forget how to maintain a ASB frame. The first part of every lesson will be reminding me of everything I have forgotten since the previous. Shows would be an exercise in flushing money.

A competing theory speculates that my errors are bad habits rather than HJED habits. As I get better educated about where to put my body parts, I will be able to swap back and forth more easily.

In the past, I have blogged about ASBs rather than TBs, for a variety of narratively compelling reasons [Or Not]. In order to more accurately reflect reality, I am instituting Saddle Seat Wednesdays. I will limited my cross-discipline pontification to one day a week, with exceptions for shows and banquets.

Unless I change my mind.

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