Looking Back 2017, Home Team

What can I say that I haven’t said over and over and over? [Looking Back, Rodney 2016]

I worry that I am not the right human for him. I make him nervous; he makes me nuts. The energy that drives me to find solutions to his problems can be overwhelming to encounter. (See, “Squinching around the eyes” in [The Upside Of Negativity]) The sensitivity that helps me feel this problems renders me overly affected by setbacks. There is a good and bad side to everything.

Got the truck [Looking Forward, Milton]. Yay.
Milton is going places. Yay.
Milton is not going places with me.
Perhaps I should have been more specific.

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

4 thoughts on “Looking Back 2017, Home Team

  1. Question: Are you enjoying Milton going places even if it’s not “with you?” I can see where that might be a mixed bag of emotions.

  2. @rontauru: Answer: I love seeing Milton go well. As for the rest, “a mixed bag of emotions” pretty much covers it.

    @Jane: I find yoga too static. Prefer tai chi. My walks around the pasture are as much walking meditation as exercise.

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