Looking Back 2017, Saddle Seat

Saddle Seat Wednesday

What a weird year. I had horrid rides. I had great rides. I flaked out and didn’t ride at all. And yet, at the end of the day, I finished up in the same place as always: some blues, some reds, solidified my hold on second at Nationals. I haven’t heard the year-end results for the ASHAA, but – given the faces in the crowd – I suspect I ended up the same place there as well. I’m not sure what lesson the universe is trying to teach here.

Fortunately, my bad rides did not drag down my good rides. Unfortunately, my good rides did not elevate my bad rides. Sam & Dottie? Lovely. Everyone else? Not so much.

By the Numbers
Riding, 10 shows: 5 big, 5 little. Robert (Winter Tournament 2&3), Desi (ProAm), Snippy (Dixie Cup), Sam (MidSouth), Dottie (Alabama Charity, SSF, NACHS), Whiskey (Winter Tournament 1&2)

Driving, 7 shows: 3 big, 4 little. Alvin (Winter Tournament 3&1), Snippy (ProAm, MidSouth, Alabama Charity, NACHS), Whiskey (Winter Tournament 2)

Greg did one ASB driving show. After that, the pleasure shows with Bliss were enough fancy driving for him.

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

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