So It Begins, Show Photos, Dressage at Full Circle Horse Park, Summer 2018

Jeremy Villar Photography

Dressage, CT, 3-Phase
Full Circle Horse Park
Pell City AL
August 25, 2018
[show Report, Maintaining Our Firm Grip On Last Place And That’s Okay]

2015 USDF Intro A

Our first centerline. I know it’s looks as if I am pulling his mouth open. I’m not, see below. I have many sins, but riding with heavy hands is not one of them.

Horse is being a twink. Rider is clearly amused by this. Circle at A(?).

Our best scoring move. 7 for the halt.

2015 USDF Intro B

A passing moment of pleasant. Circle at E(?).

Loose reins, mouth still open. Milton likes to talk. Circle at B(?).

Joint relief at surviving our first dressage show!

More photos in gallery. Jeremy Villar Photography > online store > Full Circle Horse Park – August 25th > enter email > 286.

In many of the gallery photos, I look as if I am talking to Milton. I actually did pretty well at keeping my voice commands to myself [Into Each Life A Little Dressage Must Fall]. I think I am forcibly exhaling, which I do to keep all the hamsters in my head scampering in the same direction.

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

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