Whisked About, Show Report, Southeastern Charity 2018, Driving

Pleasure Driving


Joanie & Whiskey modeling their blue ribbons. Apologies for the blur on the right. It was dinner time and I was trying to hurry.

Southeastern Charity Horse Show
Georgia International Horse Park
Conyers GA USA
Saturday 22, 2018

Whiskey Throttle
108 Academy Driving. 1st of 1
Thank you to Courtney Huguley for the winning Whiskey.

Show Photographer Doug Shiflet

Despite the fact that my horse was a star, I did not feel as bulletproof as I have come to expect in a cart. Apparently showing three times a year with no practice in between is not the route to mastery. Imagine that.

A third class means I am qualified for year-end points in driving, regardless of how the rules are interpreted [Driving, Not]. While that’s not why I went to the show, neither am I heartbroken that events unfolded thusly.

Whiskey wins the Alvin Ailey Award for versatility [ETSA MidSummer]. At this show, Whiskey was in suit driving, a last-minute sub for suit equitation, and then the full suite of Academy: driving, walk-trot-canter, and walk-trot. On Saturday, he won four blues out of eight classes (others: 2,2,4,&7), three of which involved beating other competitors. My driving blue was uncontested. Eight classes may sound like a lot, but one was my Academy Driving which was two times around, if that, and five were walk-trot.

His warm-up was suitably abbreviated for his schedule of classes. My warm-up for the Championship consisted of napping in the shade while we waited. When I snarked on this, Coach Courtney remarked, “It worked, didn’t it?” Can’t argue with that.

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Katherine Walcott

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