New Title, New Instagram … or Not

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Looking Forward

Originally, I changed the name on the blog Instagram account, but did not change the address, as with the blog itself [About].

Now, I have started a new account so the name and address match, as with the blog’s Twitter account [New Title, New Twitter]. The new account is Virtual Brush Box, @virtualbrushbox.


Update: New account has been deleted by Instagram. Trying to figure out why. Retrieval process says the account is active. Later, now they want me to “reply to this email and attach a photo of yourself holding a hand-written copy of the code below.” Seriously? Sounds like spam to me, although I can’t figure out the advantage. I find I have been inspired to take a vacation from Instagram.

Looking Backward
Last Instagram from the @rodneyssaga account, posts from May, June & July 2018. Previous Instagram recap [May 2018].

CotH: Haflinger Adventure: Personalities And Preparation

Morning nap. #horsesofinstagram #guardianhorse

A post shared by Virtual Brush Boxx (@rodneyssaga) on

I love horses. #sarcasmsign #myweekend #horsesofinstagram

A post shared by Virtual Brush Boxx (@rodneyssaga) on


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Katherine Walcott

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