What I Did While I Was Away, Instagram Through May 2018

Instagram from @rodneyssaga
Previous Instagram recap [February 2018]

Individual Instaphotos with commentary, as promised [Back to Blogging].

One of those that was cuter IRL. He looked like a kid in a tree fort.

I had a theory. I always have a theory. My departure post was March 16. This was taken that evening. The plan was to have this on the sidebar for the duration. Then, when I restarted, I would put up a photo of a sunrise over the pasture. Poetic, no? Come the day, I had posted enough photos in the interum to dilute the the sunset/sunrise metaphor beyond redemption.

I posted this because I was utterly convinced that the next photo would be a ribbon shot with Milton. I wanted to soften the appearance of breaking radio silence to brag. So I put this up as a icebreaker. As it turned out, vanity was the least of our problems [Not a Post].

Depth of field exercise for photo class.You are to be impressed by the blurriness of the leg in contrast to sharp focus on nose.

First canter. Posted b/c first canter!

Pretty cat. Do I need another reason?

Adorable halter. Also cuter IRL.

Text to a friend that became an Instagram post. This happens disturbingly often.
Alternate title – Tooooooth drugs.

I saw the quote right before going to the grocery store. It was so completely on point that I had to share.
Blog 1.0. At the end of each month, I made sure the number of photos was divisible by three. This made for a symmetric visual on the recap post, as above (happy accident this time). This was the sort of gratuitous detail that added to my stress level [Struggle Bus] to no needful purpose. So, I am trying to do better about taking both life and Instagram photos as I find them.

Blog 2.0 – photos as they occur. Default to NOT reaching for my camera. This means I share the ones I really gotta tell you about. Archive as I accumulate a sufficient number. Comment. Look into changing the title on the account.

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

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