Jumping on the GDPR Bandwagon, My Privacy Policy

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I have no privacy policy; conversely, I have a 100% privacy policy. I don’t ask for nor collect your email address. I don’t send newsletters. I don’t market. I don’t – I couldn’t – sell your eddress to others. Personally, I loathe newsletters. Say it on your blog or don’t say it. Stay out of my inbox. I might feel differently if I had products to flog. I don’t. No marketing. No monetization. No affiliate links. I write. You read. That is the extent of our exchange.

With a few exceptions.

If you win a book giveaway, I will need your physical address. I do nothing with the address beyond that. If I you were to win again, I’d ask for your address again. I believe there was one book to an EU address, before I realized the price of international postage. She seems cool with it. (Waves hi!)

I have contacted a few people I don’t know IRL about guest posts (Waves hi with two hands!). Since I don’t have email addresses, I find the contact over on your blog, or somewhere on social media. In other words, I use an address that you have publicly displayed. I try to keep such exchanges within the bounds of polite conversation. Again, no marketing.

The Follow-By-Email feature is handled by WordPress. Since I use the simple WordPress.COM rather than the more flexible WordPress.ORG, I have no access to the process. A few times, people have stopped getting email notifications. All I can do it look at a list on my dashboard and say, ‘Yup, your name is still on it.’ I couldn’t get the emails if I wanted to.

This has been my practice to date. I have no plans to change.

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Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

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