New Title, New Twitter

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Last @RodneysSaga tweet.

First Virtual Brush Box, @box_brush tweet.

“According to Gaiman, ‘I had typed the name Caroline, and it came out wrong. I looked at the word Coraline, and knew it was someone’s name. I wanted to know what happened to her.’
Wiki: Coraline

First content tweet. As with Instagram [May 2018: Better Living Thru Chemistry photo], this started as a message to a friend, an amusing moment to share. Hmm, do I really need to bother them? Hmm, this would fit on Twitter. And here we are.

No specific plans for this account. I may post every so often. I may never post again. I will not become a high-volume tweeter. For those of us used to the gentle, pretty pictures of Instagram, Twitter can be … um … strident. On Twitter, I feel hectored by hundreds of tiny soapboxes. Even if one only follows a handful of people, they retweet. More soapboxes. Ten minutes on Twitter has me despairing for the state of the world. I get enough agita from the voices in my head. They don’t need help. But I digress. Twitter seems to work for some folks. More power to them.

In theory, I could pull up Twitter, post a blog Tweet, poke around the blog account, and not check my personal account. Let’s be real. That is as likely as logging onto Facebook to post the daily blog link and not looking at my feed. The only winning move is not to play.

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

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