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Video taken at a walk. I’m happy to be cantering. Cantering one-handed will have to wait.

Not much to add beyond the headline. We shipped over to Stepping Stone Farm. Milton and I cantered around the big ring several times on both leads. Progress. We’ve cantered before, both at SSf and elsewhere [MSSP]. This time was more proper transition and less run and hope.

A lack of an enclosed space has been more of a rate-limiting step than we had anticipated. The day after the lovely work at SSF, Milton cantered at home. He had a hissy fit and ran back to the barn. Husband Greg was lunging. Milton may find it hard to maintain his balance around the smaller diameter of a lunging circle. Cantering under saddle would allow me to make a bigger loop. It’s possible that Milton would canter in the pasture just fine with more room. Possible. It’s not a theory I am willing to test quite yet.

So, we continue to ship over. Yes, it would be more convenient to have a ring at home. However, the ring is close, the people are supportive, and the horses are cool with it.


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