Here for the Experience, Milton at Mid-South 2018

Home Team, Combined Driving

I got in the big metal box. I drove for hours and hours and hours. (Only 2. ed.) (You go stand in a rattly metal box and then come talk to me about *only* two hours. Horse)

I went to live in a home-away-from home for 4 days. All by myself!

I talked my 200 new best friends. Mostly about being all by myself!

I got ridden twice, including cantering in the big, wide, open space of the show ring. Wheeeee.

I misbehaved the first time we hitched. That got shut down in a hurry. After that, they held my delicate, sensitive nose in a vice grip during hitching. I don’t know why, I was an angel.

I got hitched four times. I worked in the schooling ring. I worked in the warm-up ring. I worked in the show ring, with traffic! I walked around the barn. I went everywhere.

I had to work twice a day. Riding and hitching, or hitching and hitching.

I didn’t show, but I got out of my stall a lot.

I went for walks. I went for grass breaks. I went one aisle over to hang with my Saddlebred bros.

I ate a lot of hay, and cookies, and carrots.

I was ready to go. All my new horse buddies were leaving. I didn’t want to be left behind. I even had to get in the big metal box in the dark. It had lights, but still.

I am happy to be home. Boy, do I have stories to tell the brown horse.

I miss being the center of everyone’s attention. That part I quite liked.

I’m practicing. Do I look good in blue?

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

3 thoughts on “Here for the Experience, Milton at Mid-South 2018

  1. What an awesome experience for horse and rider/driver. Great way to practice being away from home and working and show/show ring atmosphere. Kudos!

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