The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly, Show Report & Photos, Mid-South Spring Premiere 2018, Riding

Adventures in Saddle Seat

Mid-South Spring Premiere (Facebook)
Northeast Alabama Agribusiness Center
Rainsville, AL
Saturday, May 26, 2018

66. Academy Showmanship Adult WTC, 1st of 4
67. Academy Equitation Adult WTC, 1st of 4
70. Academy WTC Championship, 2nd of 11(?)

Sultan’s Miracle Man (Sam).
Thank you to Courtney Huguley.

Official Photographer Casey McBride

The Good
I adore this horse. We reach. After months apart, it takes us about five strides for me to say, ‘Hi Sam, it’s me’ and for Sam to say, ‘Oh, you. Well, okay then.’ On the plus side, he’s a reliable lesson horse with a dreamy canter (pictured above). On the down side, he can be a curmudgeon to the little ones. Sometimes the conversation goes, ”Hi Sam, it’s ME.’ to which Sam replies, ‘Oh. You.’ and off we go.

One of Sam’s foibles is to act up during the victory pass. As if to prove that he still has a mind of his own after being good during the class. He has spooked [Show Report Georgia 2014], has reared [one of the Mid-Souths], and has bolted with me more than once. One of the NE GA classes has no picture of the victory pass, b/c the bolt lasted the entire length of the ring.

Sadly, the saddle seat show photographers stop shooting when horses misbehave. Why?! Those are the best shots. Since I was working the booth [Photo Minion], I told the photographer that if anything happened (knock wood), I darn well expected him to catch it on film. Et voila.

Sam staged two protests before settling down to a proper show trot. Coach Courtney thinks I’m the one who gets him revved up. Could be. I’ve always been a sucker for a victory gallop.

The Bad
Outside assistance is allowed, nay expected, at saddle seat shows. Every time I rode past the ingate, Coach Courtney would yell, “Up! Up! Up!” like a demented pogo stick. Apparently, my posture on horseback remains inconstant.

The Ugly
A horse I like to ride. A place I have shown multiple times. You would suppose that I would be cool, calm, and excited. You would be wrong. I remain a hot mess.

Before class: Why? Why do I do this? Never again.

[Show Reports, Rainesville & Priceville]

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