What’s With All The Recaps?

Why is December, particularly late in the month, filled with ‘Best Of’ TV shows, ‘Top Ten of the Year’ magazine articles, and retrospective blog posts?

It’s Easy
Look back over the year. Make a list. Pick a few favorites. Add pithy commentary. Done.

It’s Convenient
With everything in one place, I can see the year at a glance. Plus, it’s a resource for the future.

It’s Fun
Okay, I may be in the minority here. I love sorting and organizing stuff, particularly information. I play with spreadsheets for entertainment. Counting out what I’ve done for each of 52 Fridays? I’ll do that before breakfast.

Over to You
Do you like to read/watch blog, magazine, TV retrospectives? Why? Why not? If you blog, do you recap?

Thank you for reading
Katherine Walcott

3 thoughts on “What’s With All The Recaps?

  1. I don’t recap. But I do keep a written training journal for both the horse and myself (fitness related) and I do like to go back and see if I’ve met some of my goals. Which means starting every new year by listing a few very specific goals and the steps I think I need to take to achieve them. Then at the end of every year I do a summary of the goals I met, how I met them and what I learned along the way. Pat self on back, then move on to the goals I failed to reach and why/how I think I fell short and some notes about what I could do to improve there. Then I take a deep breath, grab a new notebook and start on the next years goals. I find this keeps me focused and honest, along with helping me see my areas of progress and where I could stand to improve.

  2. I find that if I keep written records a) I’m framing the text as I’m doing the activity & b) I never go back to look at what I wrote. Other than this blog, which has been an anomaly in so many ways.

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