Dabbling in the Art World, Graphics 2018

Looking Back
I’m happy with the quantity of graphic art I produced. Of 42 Sundays, 33 were/will be original work of some sort or another, for a batting average of almost 80%. Only two Sundays had absolutely nothing to do with graphic design. Plus 8 illustrations on non-Sundays.

The quality? Less so. I know I keep quoting this, but Ira’s Glass Advice for Beginners (beautifully rendered by Zen Pencils) is my artistic life right now. I know what I like. I can’t make it happen. Yet.

AlphaBooks 26 posts

Letters – 24 posts, two double
Recap [AlphaBooks 2018]

Got better with Inkscape. Getting low on books for certain letters. Next year, no AlphaBooks. I could read for years on the books I already have. Plus, less money & less clutter. I know saying No More Books is hopeless, but I don’t need an extra reason to buy books.

Graphic Design & Letter Art 7 posts

[Letter Art: Snow 2018]
[Letter Art: Letters in Darkness]
[Letter Art: NYC Ephemera]
[What Happens When One Spends Five Days Sitting About In Northeast Georgia]
[Red, White, and World Cup]
[The SSF Letters Have a Run-In with Inkscape]
[The Worst and The Best]

Doesn’t have much to do with horses, or at least much to do with me improving the care of my horses and learning to be a better rider. OTOH, it does help me think more visually. I am so totally text-based that any tiny ray of art is an improvement.

Graphic Design, Others 4 posts, all stamp-related

[Graphic Design: Year of the Stamp]
[Graphic Design: My First Stamp Show]
[Pretty Pink Horses]
[A Colorful Quad]

I think stamps may join model horses [MEPSA] on the back burner. Fun, but there are other things I would want to do with my time before I did those. Moving forward, I will engage with these if an opportunity lands in my lap, but I won’t go searching.

Unrelated 2 photo posts

[Champion City, Guest Photo]
[Completing the Historical Record, MSSP 2018 Photos]

Some days, ya just gotta fill the space.

Admin 3 posts
Sundays left in the year – 2, one planned to be my design, other is unknown at this moment.

Non-Sunday Graphics 8 posts

[State of the Blog: In Which I Consider Responsibility to the Reader]
[Hello Dr. Jekyll]
[I’m Tired]
[Horse Show Hack – Ice]
[Hello Whining, My Old Friend]
[Rodney’s Semi-Permanent Gold Star]
[The Poop-O-Meter]
[What’s With All The Recaps?]

Sundays are artwork only. Fridays are photo posts. The rest of the days are text posts. The goal – without overwhelming myself – is to have a visual element with every text post. Photos are easier, but not always available or apropos. In that case, if I have the time and inspiration, I made my own illustration. Would like to do more of this.

Looking Forward
I have a bad habit of coming up with intriguing projects for the blog: AlphaBooks, The Daily Object, stamps. The blog is a big enough project on its own. I don’t need to impose additional requirements. The number of fascinating things the world has to offer is near infinite. My time and attention are not. I need to remember this.

So, staying with graphic design on Sundays, but a one-off each week as things amuse me/catch my attention. Wider net. Fewer projects. More original art.

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

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