Champion City, Guest Photo

“Champion City”
St. Matthew’s
Louisville KY Metro area
Photo by Courtney Huguley

Champion City
Gallopalooza 2009
SPONSOR: City of St. Matthews
ARTIST: Cean Martine
4600 Bowling Blvd, 40207 (Arthur K. Draut Park)
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The City of St. Matthews Gallopalooza horse, dubbed “Champion”, a high stepping standardbred (Saddlebred RS) … blanketed with a map of St. Matthews that drapes the horse, this artistic piece details prominent street names and local markers, along with a random collection of vintage photos placed near appropriate locations on the map … local artist Cean Martine … is a printmaker and a believer in community and public art … is quoted as stating that she wanted the horse to be “bright, cheerful and festive”.

City of St. Matthews > Gallopalooza in St. Matthews

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