What’s Up with Rodney and with the Blog

Sat on a few times. Tense. Back on a short course of stomach meds [All Better. For Now.]. Milton’s surgery stressed the entire household – well, perhaps not cats & dogs; definitely the horses & the people.

Found a possible instructor for Rodney. Need to pull socks up to the point that I am ready for a lesson.

Expect short posts for a while. Still not much to say. Progress occureth, but of the slow, methodical kind, i.e. exciting for participants; snoozefest for onlookers. Again, I thought about a break [Horses of NYC 2017]. But no. Despite the continuing low narrative content, I don’t want to quit:

1) The blog has reached a certain level of habit and momentum. Don’t want to interrupt that.

b) The batshit-crazy angle is still valid [I’m Baaaaaack … With Camera].

3 or c) The side projects have intriguing potential:
Stamps – recently joined a bunch of new associations [Year of the Stamp,
My First Stamp Show].
Photo – the next photo class has actual photo assignments [Foto Friday: Photo Class Without The Photos].
Lettering – have stockpiled at least half an alphabet’s worth of books for lettering [Y is for Yoors].
Road to World Cup – want to read the next installment [Road to the World Cup: Three-Gaited & Five-Gaited. Guest Post].

Bottom line – blog is going well; now I have to do some riding worth writing about.

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

2 thoughts on “What’s Up with Rodney and with the Blog

  1. I admire your persistence. Some days I have enough to say for a decent length blog, other times I can’t even manage for days on end.
    I hope you’re riding Rodney very soon.

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